Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Rumor: Mads Mikkelsen's Character in Rogue One Revealed?

Several days ago, Rebel Force radio posted a picture of an autograph Mads Mikkelsen gave to a fan. Interestingly enough, Mikkelsen put a familiar Star Wars character name under his signature: Galen. (See image HERE.)

This is the same name of the character Galen Marek from The Force Unleashed games.

A lot of people are now speculating that this means, of course, that Mikkelsen is playing Galen since this was how he signed his name.

However under the new official canon by Disney, The Force Unleashed is no longer canon. So if it is true that Mikkelsen is playing a character named Galen, there are three possibilities.

1 - the name is coincidence and was merely borrowed from the character Galen Marek, but is not Galen Marek after all.

2 - Mikkelsen is playing a character named Galen Marek, but under the new canon his story will be very different than how it was in The Force Unleashed games.

3 - The Force Unleashed games are going to be under the new official canon by Disney.

But my personal thinking is that Mikkelsen only did this because the actual name of his character has to be kept secret. So he intentionally picked a name to use as cover-up. If they wanted to release the name of his character, it would have been done publicly, not because he put it below his autograph. And I also don't think Mikkelsen would 'accidentally' leak the name of his character either.

Another additional piece of news having to do with "Rogue One," Mads Mikkelsen also said recently that his character in the film is NOT a villain.

To me, all this 'news' about Mikkelsen's character just seems like a cover-up for spoilers. I don't think his character is named "Galen," rather, I think they want to keep it secret who he is playing so it's not spoiled too early on. I also think there is a chance Mikkelsen's character is a villain...or is he? Who knows?

If anything, these rumors don't seem to debunk my personal theory that Mads Mikkselen is playing live-action Cad Bane. But of course, I could be wrong. We'll have to stay tuned for more news and see what happens.

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