Thursday, December 17, 2015

Before I head out to watch TFA...

First, I want to share a Cracked article I read the other day. I was going to write a whole piece about my personal experiences as a Star Wars fan, but that article summed it up plenty for me.

The article basically sums it up as this: even though the Star Wars franchise is powered by corporate greed, there is still a magic and even a deeper reality to Star Wars that can never be taken away from the fans. I agree with that wholeheartedly. As much as I worry about what future Star Wars content will be like under Disney - how much they might ruin just to make more money - that can never tarnish the beautiful things Star Wars has given me.

And there are many of them. Star Wars helped me cope through a traumatic experience when I was a child. Star Wars helped me realize some things about myself and my identity that I might never have found out otherwise. Star Wars kept me alive through a lot of dark times in my was there when I had no friends, when I almost lost my sister, and as I struggled (and continue to struggle) with depression, anxiety, self harm, and a whole bunch of other junk that I don't need to go into.

Star Wars gave me a creative outlet into the online community that opened up the doors for so many more opportunities for me, as a person and as a writer.

I never would have met some of my closest friends without Star Wars. Friends that are my everything from here to Mars.

And that is a comfort to me, to know that those are things Disney cannot take from me. Star Wars is real to many people in many different ways, and it's real to me because through Star Wars I found creativity, identity, and most importantly, love.

I think about that in the final minutes before we head out to the theatre to get in line for The Force Awakens. I do not want to even begin to imagine what my life would look like without Star Wars...honestly, there is a chance I would not even be alive. But I am here, and I'm ready to experience the magic again. That magic from a galaxy far, far away that will always be with me.

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