Tuesday, June 7, 2016

life update

I haven't made a personal post in about a year. So I guess it's time to update whoever is still reading this blog. Here's the short version of what has happened since I last opened up.

In June 2015, I graduated from college with a Bachelor's in English. I also began working on my next book.

In July, I began seriously questioning my gender and sexuality.

In September, I chose my new name: Tatum (Tate), started discussing a possible move out-of-state for our family, and relapsed into self-harm.

In November, I began going to professional counseling for my depression and anxiety.

In December, I came out as transgender and bisexual to my family. I also saw Star Wars VII in theatres twice.

In January, I visited my old hometown.

In February, I became public about my gender and sexuality and began dealing with the various responses from people I knew, varying from complete support and acceptance, to grief, to cold rejection. I also began taking antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication.

In March, I got my second tattoo: L's logo from the anime Death Note.

In April, I shaved my head into a mohawk because I had wanted to since high school and I was done caring what people thought of me.  I also turned twenty years old.

In May, I got my third tattoo: a coffee pot with a skull and roses and the caption "Death before decaf." I also got to see the Indianapolis 500 race with my family, and my family began the process of moving out-of-state.

I think that about catches you up. I might be forgetting a few other things that happened, but that's the major scoop. Right now I am still going by my name Tatum, taking medication, and preparing for a big move over the summer. And collecting some Kylo Ren and Darth Maul merch along with my always growing Cad Bane collection. Which is basically full; other than the occasional sketch card I have purchased every Bane item I can possibly buy!!! And working on my next book, holding out for Rogue One, slowly fitting the pieces of my life together. so to anyone who was interested in my personal life and decided to read this post, thank you for being there.

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  1. I will forever read your blog :)

    it sounds like you've had one heck of a year. Im really sorry for all the crap you've had to deal with. if you ever need anything, seriously, you know my twitter DMs are always open.

    I love you <3 you're so strong.

    (Also your coffee tattoo is so perfect omg.)