Thursday, October 20, 2016

It's Time...

After having this blog for four and a half years, it's time I moved on.

I've decided to permanently shut down, and say goodbye to, In The Shade Of My Wide-Brimmed Hat.

Why am I doing this? First of all, I've changed a LOT as a person since I started this blog. Who I was at the beginning of this blog is practically a whole other person compared to who I am now. It's been really interesting looking back to see my transformation shown in my posts, but it's time to let this blog go and start anew. It's part of embracing the new me I've been searching and finding for the past year or so. I'm ready for a new start.

It's also for professional reasons. I really need to develop my fanbase if I'm going to find any success as a writer and artist. A fresh start with a new blog is an open door for that.

But this doesn't have to be goodbye!! Some of you already know my other social media contacts, but if you don't, here they are:

Twitter - @gaycadbane
Pinterest - /writeroutsider
Instagram - tatumbane

Thank you to everyone who followed this blog!

1 comment:

  1. Im glad I got to "meet" you through this blog. you're amazing. I cant wait to see you grow more as an individual and as an artist <3