My Novel: “Resistance”

Title: Resistance; Genre: Crime/psychological drama
The following is a brief synopsis:

     "Stock market crash. Worldwide depression. The city that never sleeps has become a giant slum. Hunger and broken homes litter the streets. It is in this world that Anton Leonte has been born and raised in, and in which he must raise and protect his own family. Every day, he searches for job openings that don't exist. Every night, he goes to a storehouse where he competes in bare-handed fistfights to win off gamblings. Sometimes he's lucky. Sometimes he's not.
     But Anton is no ordinary fighter. He harbors a rare mental ability that allows him to win in the ring with more ease than should be allowed. To this point he has been successful in keeping it a secret from everyone else, including his family. Little does he know how rare—and coveted—this ability is.
     One night, a businessman named Mr. Vanderhill approaches Anton with the job offer of a lifetime. It will make all of Anton's dreams for his family come true. It means no more storehouse, no more hunger, and much more. Surely with such an offer there must be a catch.
     And this man named Vanderhill will see to it that Anton does not discover the catch until it is too late for him.
     Anton, because of his ability, finds himself pulled into a strange and treacherous business organization. Well-guarded secrets, not just his own, will be exposed for their raw nature. And he will discover there is much more to his city—and entire reality as a whole—than what he has always known to be true."

     Resistance is my first published novel.  It is currently online in the Amazon e-book store.  For only $2.99 USD (2.29 Euro, 1.97 GBP), you can have the entire book. Click HERE for the link!

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