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     Hello! I am Elian Lisette - self-published author, writer, artist, Star Wars fan, and Cad Bane expert. You can also call me Caddy.
     On January 19, 2013, I self-published my first novel, Resistance, and it is available for purchase on Amazon as an e-book HERE.  The genre is crime/psychological drama and the plot follows a man burdened with a strange psychic ability who is forced into organized crime in order to protect his family.
   When I'm not working on my latest writing project, I like to watch classic Hollywood movies, read World War II books, drink black coffee, and devour Ray Bradbury short stories.
   I really love Cad Bane.


     You can find me on deviantARTFanfiction.netTwitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. I would love to discuss anything having to do with writing, Star Wars, or life in general.

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  1. Your book sounds really cool! :)
    I started watching Star Wars around four too!